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The dive park is located off the coast of Rockingham, approximately 45kms south of Perth. The specific location of the Saxon Ranger is within Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, an area renowned for it's safe calm waters, pristine beaches, an abundance of aquatic activities including spectacular snorkeling trails, windsurfing, recreational fishing, dolphin interaction, sea lions and rare fairy pengiuns.

Recreational dive permits must be purchased to dive the Saxon Ranger and must be displayed on the vessel. The permit cost is based on a vessel carrying up to four (4) divers at a time with a two hour time allocation on the moorings.

Dive shops in Rockingham supply all necessary equipment to undertake safe diving and conduct regular dive charters.



$25 inc GST
$50 inc GST
$125 inc GST

The Saxon Ranger

The 400 tonne former fishing vessel, known as the Saxon Ranger is the first purpose sunk dive wreck in the Perth metropolitan area.

The Saxon Ranger (formerly Atlantic Seal) was built around 1960 in Grimsby, England at a cost of 100,000 pounds to work as a side trawler in the North Atlantic ocean. The vessel is 37metres in length with a beam of 9metres and hosted a crew of 17.

Owned by the British Trawler Company, arrangements were made in 1974 for the vessel to be used to develop a southern fishery off Albany.
It was later sold and arrived in Australian waters working around Tasmania and Albany WA with occasional trips into the Antarctic.
The first catch of 52 tonne of fish was blockaded by unions and had to be hand filleted on board.

Continually plagued with 'bad luck' the vessel suffered numerous breakdowns, broke moorings, ran out of fuel, and was finally salvaged from the shores of Rockingham after a gale in 2003.

Considered a jinx, the Saxon Ranger now lies in 25metres of water amongst other sunken wrecks on the seabed floor of the West Coast Dive Park.