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Dive Wreck - Code Of Practice

Recreational Dive Permit - May 05

Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions of Permit
All persons must read and understand the code of conduct supplied with this permit
prior to undertaking dive activity

• Permit flag (red & white) must be clearly visible on the vessel at all times while on public moorings in
the West Coast Dive Park.
• Vessels must always have blue and white Alpha flag visible on the vessel whilst divers are in the
water. Alpha flag must be taken down when all divers return on board.
• Speed limit within the exclusion zone is 8 knots and a lookout must be in place at all times.
• Vessels must take the safest and most direct route to the mooring, approaching from open ocean.
• No vessel is to manoeuvre through the buoyed area (centre of dive wreck), marked with light buoy.
No vessel is to moor off the light buoy. (Navigation Beacon).
• Vessels are only to approach a mooring if one is free. Maximum boat size is10 metres.
• Vessels must wait in single file on the north side of the exclusion zone, for their turn on a mooring.
• No vessel is to be either anchored inside the exclusion zone or located within the exclusion zone by
using a long rope attached to an anchor outside the exclusion zone.
• No vessel is to be tied off a moored vessel within the exclusion zone.
• At least one person must remain on board as a lookout at all times whilst divers are in the water.
• Vessels are not to drop divers off within the exclusion zone and then retreat outside the exclusion
zone. Each vessel must remain moored at all times whilst divers are in the water within the
exclusion zone.
• No fishing, spear fishing or the taking of any marine life is to occur within the exclusion zone.
• A complete manifest of all divers must be kept on each vessel.
• Vessels are not to drift through the exclusion zone at any time.
• No vessel is to be moored to the one mooring for more than 1.5 hours at any one time. If the
mooring is still free, with nobody waiting a vessel can return to the same mooring.
• At no time are vessels to be tied, clipped, anchored or in any other way secured to the dive wreck.
• No souvenirs of any kind are to be taken from the diver wreck under any circumstances.


• Junior Open Water Divers to be accompanied by an adult.
• Maximum depth of 18 mtrs for Open Water Divers (recommended). Maximum depth of
30 mtrs for Advanced Divers (recommended).
• Should have emergency phone numbers on board. Divers must be qualified divers.
• Dive equipment must comprise of tank, buoyancy compensator, regulator & alternate air supply,
computer and visual contents gauge.
• No diving recommended if wind is 20 knots or over.
• No diving recommended if swell is 2.5m or over.
• Decompression diving must be avoided.
• Divers should have 50 bar or more of air on return to surface.
• Surface intervals between dives 1 hour minimum.
• A safety stop of 5 mins @ 5 metres for no decompression dives is recommended.

• Wearing of gloves is recommended.

Penalties up to $2,000 per offence will apply.
NOTE: There may be snagged ropes or fish hooks.